Green and sustainable

Green is inspiring!

Never before have so many companies been ready to work smarter, more consciously and more sustainably. There is only one logical place to find inspiration for that change: a green environment. That is why the Veluwe is perfect for business events focused on the future, innovation and sustainability.

The Veluwe is the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands; it is centrally located and boasts a rich history. Due to that history, the area offers a huge diversity of green locations: from small castle hotel to historic factory hall, and from exclusive country estate to cosy cabin. There is always a location that suits the size and image you have envisioned for your event, be it a multi-day conference, an evening seminar or an inspiration day.

Plenty of space

At the heart of the Veluwe lies Apeldoorn, the region's conference city. Apeldoorn offers several venues at a relatively short distance from each other, making it easy for your participants to move from one location to the next, usually through a beautiful forest. Despite the high location density, our green area offers all the space you need.

Smart combination

In addition to the right event venue, there is no shortage of suitable overnight accommodation. If you would like to offer your participants something extra, you can easily organise a sporty outdoor activity or inspiring walk through the forest. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We look forward to helping you meet your needs—no strings attached!

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Get in touch with Tatos Ohan. He will advise you, free of obligation, about all the business opportunities in the regions Arnhem, Nijmegen en the Veluwe.

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