Why Gelderland?

No anonymous offices in Gelderland, but thousands of hectares of pristine sands, ancient forests and oxygen-rich air. Gelderland is full of places where you can brainstorm undisturbed and can exchange ideas with colleagues. Gelderland is a beautiful and refreshing province that has a lot to offer. The Arnhem Nijmegen region belongs to the top five tourist destinations in the Netherlands.


Are you looking for a stimulating conference room or conference venue where you can let your imagination run wild? In Gelderland you can gather among wild animals or between world-famous paintings.

Gelderland is the ideal setting for conferences, meetings and training sessions, because:

  • Gelderland is centrally located in the Netherlands;
  • Gelderland is easily accessible by car, bus, train (with new public transport hub Arnhem CentralStation) and within easy reach of airports;
  • Gelderland is the home of innovation in the field of Food, Health, EMT and Sports;
  • Venues in Gelderland have a rich experience in organizing meetings;
  • Gelderland offers a wide variety of professional venues;
  • Gelderland offers an inspiring natural environment and beautiful cities;
  • In Gelderland sustainability and corporate social responsibility is considered important;
  • Gelderland offers many different opportunities for relaxation;
  • All our collaborators have one goal: the success of your event.

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